MAJOR PROJECTS IN 2007 included:

  1. Translation of into Spanish

  2. Translation of Furniture catalogue for IKEA Ibérica into English

  3. Translation of into Spanish

  4. Translation of Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality information for Dyno Nobel into Spanish

MAJOR PROJECTS IN 2006 included:

  1. Localization of GPS system for TeleNav into Spanish

  2. Translation of Secrets of the KamaSutra into Spanish

  3. Translation of Carlos III University website into English

  4. Translation of Doug Wright’s I Am My Own Wife into Spanish


  1.     Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart, P.A.

  2.     Universidad Carlos III

  3.     General Electric

  4.     Kömmerling Window Systems

  5.     Menlo-Atherton High School

  6.     New America Media

  7.     LeapFrog Enterprises


Our partners have been intrinsic in our success. If you'd like to become a partner and have your website listed here, please contact us.

  1.     Atlantic Group

  2.     InterHispania



Spanish and American linguistic and cultural expertise

    We are a team of linguists with advanced degrees in our working languages. Patricia  holds a Master’s degree in Spanish, and Leo earned a PhD in English. We have 14 years of translation experience combined. Patricia started out in 1997 and Leo in 2005. We have first hand and in-depth  experience with the cultures of the languages we work in. Patricia has lived and  studied in Mexico and Spain. Leo has lived  and studied in Ireland and the United States.

    Our expertise is in translating technical manuals and presentations, university research reports, human resource documents, workmen’s safety documents, in addition to commercial websites, catalogues, marketing, news, and non-fiction and fiction literature, including Children’s literature and other culturally-rich documents.

Other fields we have experience in include:

  1. Advertising

  2. Scripts for plays

  3. Education and training

  4. Medical            

  5. GPS systems

  6. Construction

  7. Political science

  8. Immigration

  9. International Development

  10. History

  11. Telephony

  12. Mining